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Empower Real-Time Decisions with Digital Twins

Your live systems need continuous monitoring and quick, effective decision-making. Leverage the power of digital twins for both analytics and predictive modeling

Introducing ScaleOut Digital Twins

A software framework for building and running digital twins at scale.

Use digital twins to continuously track thousands of live data sources and identify issues quickly. Build simulations for predictive modeling that empower real-time decisions.

ScaleOut Digital Twins illustration

Wide Range of Applications

With its ability to track thousands of live data sources, react quickly, and enhance decision-making, ScaleOut’s unique digital twin technology adds important capabilities to operational systems across a wide range of applications.

Preventing Train Derailments with Real-Time Digital Twins

Preventing Train Derailments with Real-Time Digital Twins

Many costly train derailments could potentially be prevented using a combination of existing infrastructure and new real-time digital twin technology. In this video, you’ll learn how real-time digital twins can revolutionize accident prevention for railroads by monitoring live data and taking action before derailments occur.

Forbes features CEO Bill Bain’s article: “New Technologies Can Help Boost Rail Safety”

In the wake of recent freight rail accidents causing disruptions and safety concerns, CEO Bill Bain's article in Forbes explores the potential of cost-effective technology to enhance rail safety. By harnessing the power of cloud computing, digital twins, and machine learning, this technology has the capability to predict and prevent railway accidents by continuously analyzing data from rail-side detectors, offering a promising solution that could save lives and reduce costly accidents in the rail industry.

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