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Experience the Combined Power of Real-Time Analytics and Predictive Modeling

Capture new insights and boost your operational intelligence. Take advantage of powerful new technology for managing complex live systems.

What are real-time digital twins? Read the blog.

Introducing a better way to track and model complex systems

ScaleOut Digital TwinsTM* is a software framework for building and running digital twins at scale. It combines the power of digital twins with scalable, in-memory computing to create a breakthrough for streaming analytics and predictive modeling. Now you can track and model large systems with thousands of data sources and gain significantly better operational intelligence than previously possible. Run on-premises or in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

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Deep Introspection, Fast Results

Because they maintain readily accessible contextual information about each data source, digital twins can quickly analyze incoming messages and run predictive models.

Scale with Ease

ScaleOut’s digital twin platform scales to track or model thousands of data sources, such as a large vehicle fleet, a distributed infrastructure, or a complex airline system.

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Wide Range of Applications

Whether you are analyzing a nationwide telecommunications system or assisting ecommerce shoppers, ScaleOut’s digital twins can help you make better decisions in the moment.

Combine Modeling and Real-Time Analytics

ScaleOut uses digital twins to empower your decision making for live systems with a unique combination of predictive modeling and real-time analytics.

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The Technology that Powers the Platform

Fast In-Memory Computing

By hosting digital twins on a scalable in-memory computing platform, ScaleOut make it possible to run thousands of digital twins with high performance. This platform delivers incoming messages to their digital twins within a few milliseconds for fast real-time analytics. It transparently scales using patented technology to run large simulations for predictive modeling.

* Formerly known as the ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service.