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White Paper

Machine Learning Supercharges Digital Twins for Real-Time Analytics

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Discover the transformative potential of real-time digital twins combined with machine learning in this white paper. Gain insights into how this innovative approach can revolutionize your analytics capabilities, including:

  • Automatic Anomaly Detection: Learn how machine learning seamlessly detects and flags anomalies in streaming data, ensuring swift response to critical issues.
  • ScaleOut's Real-Time Digital Twins: Explore how ScaleOut Software's cutting-edge technology integrates machine learning to enable blazingly fast streaming analytics at scale.
  • Seamless Integration: Understand how the ScaleOut Model Development Tool empowers developers to easily incorporate Microsoft's ML.NET library, enhancing your digital twin's analytical capabilities.
  • Powerful Analytics for Your App: Unlock the potential of machine learning within ScaleOut's real-time digital twins to add robust analytics to your applications.