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Powerful Analytics and Simulations at Your Fingertips

Thank you for your interest in ScaleOut Digital Twins™! Our digital twin development platform lets you create real-time analytics and simulation models using digital twins. It leverages the power of in-memory computing to deliver high performance and the scalability needed to track and analyze large systems.

With the Evaluation Package, you can install the software on a single computer and try out features such as a UI for deploying and running digital twin models, widgets for visualizing aggregated data, geospatial queries, and more. Fill out the form or contact sales to get started!

How It Works

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Key Features

Simulation for Predictive Modeling

Complex systems with many interacting entities can be challenging to model and analyze. With ScaleOut's digital twins, you can easily build time-driven simulations that evaluate complex interactions, make predictions, and empower real-time decisions.

Machine Learning

Using the ScaleOut Model Development Tool, you can easily embed machine learning models within digital twins. Built using technology from Microsoft's ML.NET library, these models can detect anomalies within incoming telemetry and immediately send alerts to address emerging issues.

Real-Time Digital Twins

ScaleOut’s straightforward digital twin framework lets you easily build applications that process incoming messages and implement find-grained streaming analytics. Digital twins host contextual information about each data source that enables deep introspection. Because they can access context and run code within a few milliseconds, you get quick results and immediate alerts.

Fast In-Memory Computing

By hosting digital twins on a scalable in-memory computing platform, ScaleOut make it possible to run thousands of digital twins with high performance. This platform delivers incoming messages to their digital twins within a few milliseconds for fast real-time analytics. It transparently scales using patented technology to run large simulations for predictive modeling.

Data Aggregation and Visualization

ScaleOut’s in-memory computing platform provides integrated data aggregation that lets you combine analyzed data from all digital twins and visualize the results every few seconds. This capability provides operational managers with powerful tools for identifying emerging issues and maximizing situational awareness so that effective action can be taken when needed.

Powerful Integrations

To allow seamless connections to data sources, digital twins can exchange messages with popular message hubs, such as Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT Core, and Kafka, and using REST or client applications. Integration with Microsoft’s Azure Digital Twins and SQL Server enables seamless persistence of digital twin state. Additional integrations provide alerting, message recording, and external visualization of analytics results.

Easy App Development

ScaleOut’s straightforward design framework lets you easily build digital twin models for processing messages and running simulations. You can develop applications in Java, C#, using a rules engine designed for analysts. The ScaleOut Digital Twin Builder™ toolkit has all the tools you need for rapid development and testing prior to production deployment.

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