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Use Powerful New Tools to Provide Real-Time Insights

Use Digital Twins to Track and Model Complex Logistics

Digital twins can track the location, destination, and current condition of shipments in real time. They also maintain contextual data about each item and can process messages in milliseconds. As a result, digital twins can instantly alert personnel when sensitive items like perishable goods are at risk.

Logistics planners can use digital twins to plan distribution networks using simulations that model complex interactions and identify chokepoints. They can also use simulations within running systems to help find ways to resolve problems that inevitably arise during live operations.

Powerful Capabilities for Logistics Tracking

Real-Time Alerts

Digital twins constantly monitor logistics assets to look for emerging issues and immediately send alerts when needed.

Better Insights

Because digital twins track contextual information about each asset, they can provide deep introspection on status changes in real time.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

With fast in-memory computing, data from digital twins is continuously aggregated to give managers the big picture as it evolves.

Analytics for Large Systems

ScaleOut's in-memory computing platform can create digital twins for thousands of assets, enabling real-time analytics for large systems.

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Digital Twins Help Keep Retail Operations Running Smoothly

Retail companies with large numbers of widely distributed locations need intelligent real-time monitoring to keep operations running smoothly. For example, a chain of big box stores or restaurants with thousands of outlets has to ensure inventory and staffing are always in place to meet demand. Mission-critical equipment, such as refrigerators and automatic doors, also needs to operate properly in order to avoid business interruptions.

Digital twins can help keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. By tracking status updates from each store, they can quickly analyze issues and prioritize responses. They can help managers make sure inventory and supplies are available to meet immediate needs, and alert personnel to service issues when they arise.


McDonald's restaurants worldwide


Amazon packages delivered per day


Pallets stored in an average warehouse

Digital Twins Boost Situational Awareness and Responses

A nationwide chain of retail outlets can use digital twins to boost situational awareness and quickly address operational issues. Each store in the chain can stream status messages to digital twins running in the ScaleOut Digital Twins service. Digital twins track each store’s assets and needs, sending alerts to operational managers when a problem arises, such as a shortfall of supplies or a service issue. For example, a pizza chain can inform management when it's short-staffed or low on critical ingredients.

The digital twins also feed information to aggregate analytics, letting managers assess the real-time performance of thousands of stores, identify stores that need attention, and find nearby stores that can help out. This groundbreaking technology helps managers optimize operations in real time better than ever before.

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