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Immediately Assess Threats and Boost Situational Awareness

Protect Vital Infrastructure

Our highly integrated world relies on the smooth operation of vital public infrastructures like power grids, water supplies, and transportation networks. These systems comprise thousands of assets, many of which are susceptible to costly attacks. Digital twins help protect these assets by analyzing potential threats in real time, signaling alerts, and aggregating data to boost situational awareness.

For example, consider a multi-pronged attack on a nation’s power grid or a forest fire that impacts transmission lines. With thousands of digital twins continuously analyzing telemetry from towers and substations throughout the grid, managers can learn about emerging threats immediately and determine their nature and scope. With the help of digital twins, they can implement countermeasures faster than ever before.

Powerful Capabilities for Security Systems

Fine-Grained Monitoring

Digital twins can continuously monitor thousands of entry points and internal assets within a large physical or cyber infrastructure.

Intelligent Decisions

Digital twins enable security systems to assess security threats in real time and quickly make intelligent decisions.

Fast Responses

Because digital twins use scalable in-memory computing technology, they can ingest and analyze telemetry within milliseconds.

Enhanced Awareness

By aggregating data from thousands of digital twins in seconds, ScaleOut’s platform enhances situational awareness.

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Identify Cyber Threats

Today’s security software logs activities, such as user logins, failed attempts, and potentially malicious events. Security managers can analyze this data to detect intrusions and hopefully prevent the injection of malware or other malicious actions. However, dashboards and logs that just provide raw telemetry are often not enough to spot a chain of intrusions (“kill chain”) leading to an exploitation.

Digital twins can support the next generation in real-time cyber protection by performing real-time analysis that reacts intelligently and quickly. Software agents can feed digital twins events for analysis with machine learning algorithms that identify threats in milliseconds. Digital twins tracking the entry points and nodes of a network can work together to follow the progression of a kill chain in real time. They can then get ahead of the intruder to block an attack.


Miles of power lines in the U.S.


Ransomware attacks in 2022


Smart cards in the U.S. military

Monitor Points of Entry

Countless businesses and industries use key cards to implement physical security by controlling access at entry points. However, these systems are unable to make intelligent real-time decisions that would boost their effectiveness. As a result, subtle patterns of unauthorized access, such as an outgoing employee entering a server room or a new employee stumbling into a hazardous area, can escape the attention of security personnel.

Digital twins can track each employee and match their access requests with employment status, level of training, and individual authorizations. They also can track usage patterns to look for unusual situations, such as repeated access at strange times of day. With these methods, they can implement highly granular access permissions at card readers, check authorization within milliseconds, and promptly alert security personnel to potential issues.

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