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Disaster Recovery

React Faster and More Effectively When Disaster Strikes

Track Assets to React Faster

When disaster strikes, emergency responders must quickly react to minimize risk to lives and property. Fast reaction requires early detection. That's where digital twins come in: by monitoring IoT devices distributed throughout public infrastructures, they can provide early warning about where and when a disaster, such as a fire, flood, or mass casualty event, is occurring. Digital twins can track thousands of devices, immediately analyze telemetry for emerging issues, and provide aggregated data that boosts situational awareness.

For example, recent forest fires in the western U.S. have started with downed power lines and then spread quickly to threaten entire towns. Analyzing telemetry from every transmission tower in real time enables personnel to detect a fire as early as possible, evaluate its scope, and track its spread. This vital information helps personnel direct emergency responders and coordinate evacuations.

Powerful New Capabilities for Responding to Disasters

Track Emerging Disasters

Digital twins can track thousands of assets within public infrastructures, such as smoke and gas sensors, to quickly detect when a disaster strikes.

Boost Situational Awareness

By aggregating data across thousands of digital twins, emergency personnel can boost their situational awareness.

Always Have the Latest Status

Digital twins can maintain all needed information about an asset, such as a pallet of relief supplies, and update its status in milliseconds.

Handle Large Disasters

ScaleOut's in-memory computing technology can create thousands of digital twins to help emergency responders manage large disasters.

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Respond More Effectively

By tracking emergency supplies in real time, digital twins can help emergency personnel respond more quickly and effectively when a disaster strikes. For example, after a hurricane, digital twins can track each pallet of relief supplies as it makes it way from warehouses to distribution centers and ultimately to survivors. Each digital twin holds information about the type and number of supplies on a pallet as well as the pallet's location and condition, updating its status whenever the pallet moves. In the chaos that follows a disaster, this information can help emergency responders locate needed supplies when minutes and hours count.


5G Cell Towers in the U.S.


Missing pallets of water after Hurricane Maria


Americans displaced by disasters in 2022

Track the Latest Status

ScaleOut’s in-memory computing technology enables you to create digital twins that can track thousands of assets at once. Digital twins hold important information about the assets they track. When they receive messages about the status of their respective assets, digital twins can update their stored information within milliseconds. This way, digital twins provide emergency responders keep all the information they need at their fingertips.

For example, digital twins can maintain up-to-the-second information that helps locate buried survivors after an earthquake. By continuously monitoring all 5G cell towers to track callers and their location, digital twins have the latest cell status ready to help emergency personnel determine where callers were located at the time of an earthquake.

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