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Empower Real-Time Decisions for Your Industry

With its flexible software architecture and powerful in-memory computing platform, the ScaleOut Digital Twins service can provide powerful new tools for real-time monitoring and predictive modeling in a wide range of industries. Let us help you tackle your industry's challenges.


Use digital twins to monitor fleets with thousands of vehicles. Quickly analyze incoming telemetry to identify and respond to issues. Let data aggregation and visualization boost situational awareness and pinpoint areas of concern. Model complex transportation networks, such as airlines, to assist in real-time decision making.



Let digital twins track the location, destination, and condition of shipments on a second-by-second basis. Use digital twins to help manage a large chain of stores and restaurants and ensure that they are always well stocked and staffed. Efficiently track service issues and direct repair personnel to where they are needed. Maximize situational awareness of your logistics network.



Create a new generation of health monitoring for wearable devices using digital twins to quickly spot issues based on each person’s medical history. Track each device’s performance and condition to prevent failures that can threaten health. Use digital twins to implement contact tracing for large populations and help contain the spread of disease.



Enhance both physical and cyber security systems with digital twins to identify threats more quickly and take more effective action. Use digital twins to monitor security entrances and keycard wearers for unusual patterns. Let digital twins analyze cybersecurity intrusions to help identify kill chains. Use aggregate analytics to show the scope and severity of security threats in real time.


IoT & Smart Cities

Track intelligent IoT devices using digital twins to incorporate contextual information and machine learning that help spot issues. Make cities smarter by using digital twins to enhance building management, traffic systems, and water and power distribution. Create digital twin simulation models to improve traffic flows and reduce congestion at airports and rail stations.


Disaster Recovery

React more quickly and effectively after a natural disaster using digital twins to identify the location of relief supplies. Track 5G cell towers with digital twins to help find buried survivors after an earthquake. Monitor rural power networks with digital twins to spot the start of forest fires and track their progression so that evacuations and emergency personnel have the latest information.


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Customized Solutions for Your Industry

Contact us, and we'll work with you to implement real-time digital twins for a solution tailored to your industry's needs. Explore the resources below to discover how real-time digital twins can add value to your application.