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All the resources you need to use digital twins effectively



Real-Time Digital Twins: The Next Generation in Streaming Analytics

This eBook takes an in-depth look at real-time digital twins and their applications. It compares real-time digital twins to conventional streaming analytics, describes their many advantages, and explores applications that can benefit from their unique capabilities.

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Enhancing Intelligent Real-Time Monitoring with Streaming Analytics Using Real-Time Digital Twins

This eBook provides an primer on real-time digital twins for streaming analytics, including how they differ from traditional streaming pipelines, leverage In-Memory Data Grids, and enable seamless edge computing in IoT.

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White Papers

Unlocking New Capabilities for Azure Digital Twins

Discover how Azure Digital Twins alongside ScaleOut Software's in-memory computing platform can dramatically simplify real-time analytics, providing swift alerting and feedback, while also integrating machine learning and message processing for enhanced capabilities across diverse applications.

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Machine Learning Supercharges Digital Twins for Real-Time Analytics

This white paper discusses how machine learning enhances real-time digital twins, enabling lightning-fast streaming analytics and automatic anomaly detection in streaming data. It highlights ScaleOut Software's innovative approach, including seamless integration of Microsoft's ML.NET library using the ScaleOut Model Development Tool.

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In-Memory Computing: A Key Enabler of Operational Intelligence

This white paper explores how today's interconnected applications demand immediate business insights and reveals how in-memory data grids with advanced computing capabilities play a pivotal role in enabling operational intelligence.

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