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New Video Interview by the Digital Twin Consortium

The Digital Twin Consortium has just released a video interview with ScaleOut founder and CEO, Dr. William Bain. ScaleOut Software is a member of the consortium.

In this video, Bill explains how digital twins can make use of object-oriented programming techniques and in-memory computing to implement real-time analytics at scale. These combined technologies can enable a wide range of live applications to track thousands of data sources, identify issues, and respond in the moment.  Target applications include IoT, telematics, logistics, disaster management, health-device tracking, energy management, cyber and physical security, and fraud detection.

ScaleOut Software offers an in-memory, digital twin platform designed to provide real-time analytics for applications with many data sources. The ScaleOut Digital Twin Streaming Service™ runs as an Azure-based cloud service and on-premises for developing and running object-oriented digital twin models written in C#, Java, and JavaScript. It includes a comprehensive UI for managing digital twins, aggregating and querying their dynamic state, and visualizing real-time trends.